Google Apps Status DashBoard

So, you’ve made the move to Google Apps and something’s not working quite right.

Is it Google that’s down or a problem with your network or computer?  While Google is certainly very reliable and redundant, they still run into problems where things aren’t working as expected.  That said, with mail client software out of the picture (using native Google Mail interface), there are fewer potential links in the chain that can break.  If your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird) is not working, try logging on directly to the GMail interface.  For all domains, you can simply go to and enter your full e-mail address and password.  If it’s working there but not in your mail client software, Google is not the problem.

The Google Apps Status DashBoard will always show the current status of Google Apps, identifying if there are problems with Google Apps and shows a history of outages.

Click the link below to see the current Google Apps Status DashBoard.

Google Apps Status DashBoard

Google Apps Status DashBoard




Also, don’t forget about the Google Apps Toolbox for troubleshooting MX records, mail headers and other Google Apps issues.  Link below.

Google Apps Toolbox

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