Systems Health Monitoring

Our Systems Health Monitoring service – WatchDog – ensures your computer systems are operating at their best.  There are arguably four main components to having a successful computer systems environment at your company.

    1. Healthy Hardware (motherboards, processors, disk drives, etc.)
    2. Operating system and software patching
    3. Security Software (malware, anti-virus, and web protection)
    4. Backups (local, cloud, or both)

The basic version of WatchDog takes care of the first two – first with performance thresholds related to CPU, hard disks, memory, and network and secondly with automated patching for Windows, Microsoft, Java, and Adobe as well as hardware driver updates.  E-mailed alerts, regular reports, and someone keeping an eye on your systems to make sure things remain “healthy”.

While there are many good free anti-virus and anti-malware solutions out there, more and more of our clients are wanting us to keep tabs on their security software as well.  For an additional $3/month/PC, we will implement WebRoot SecureAnywhere with anti-virus, anti-spyware, and even DNS Protection.

Backing up your data is probably one of the most important parts of maintaining a safe and secure computing environment.  That said, not many people get excited (like we do) about making sure that data is backed up and easily recoverable.  WatchDog can provide local and cloud backups so important files are not lost in case of a virus or malware or failed hardware.  Depending on the size of your important data, local and/or cloud backups can cost anywhere between $5/month (local backup) and $15/month (unlimited data size for one PC).

Just for using WatchDog on your systems, we will add checks (for free) to make sure routers, websites, and company networks are up and running and provide e-mail alerts so that you can be notified immediately.  Additionally, WatchDog includes a remote access component and ticketing system so you can get us started on resolving your problem any time it’s convenient for you without having to wait on hold or even pick up the phone.  Many repairs can be done without us even going to your site.  Remote access allows us to see what you’re seeing right from our office.

Click on the WatchDog logo to fill out our WatchDog Signup Form to start your one month FREE trial.  There is no fee or obligation to try it out and no credit card is required.