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Here’s what you’ll get for $4 per month per workstation:

  • Hardware health checks establish performance thresholds and know before it’s too late if performance is at risk. Avoid time wasted dealing with overloaded systems when you least expect it. Watchdog alerts you in advance.
  • Operating system & software patching keeps your operating system and software up to date and safe from security risks without you lifting a finger.
  • Monitoring for routers, domains and network storage keeps watch over your business assets.
  • Access to Remote Ticketing connects you remotely to automatic alerts when something needs attention or extra service. We can provide an estimate for the fix, if applicable and schedule service calls, or often fix the problem remotely.
  • Auto Email Alerts, so you know before it’s too late if anything’s amiss and monitor regular reports on your Watchdog dashboard for peace of mind, knowing your system’s running smoothly. Stay focused on your business, while we keep watch over your systems for you.

Note: If you have a dedicated server, there is a $12/server monthly charge for server-level protection.

Ask us about other small business IT services from Watchdog.

Email us if your needs go beyond Basic Watchdog protection. We have a range of options to meet your small business IT needs, like:

  • Backup: Prevent loss of critical data in the event of system corruption or attack with local or cloud backups, depending on your preference. We offer three levels of backup based on data amount, either up to 15GB, up to 30GB, or unlimited.
  • Managed Antivirus Protection: We’ll implement safe security software and run regular scans to protect you from viruses. Sure, you could do it yourself, but with our help, you can know you’ve got the right level of protection from a source you can trust.
  • Managed System Cleaning: No more sluggish PCs! We’ll speed your PC and extend its lifespan by periodically removing junk files for you.
  • 3rd-party Software Patching: With our remote connection to your system, Watchdog experts will keep popular apps up to date and safe from security risks.