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WatchDog is a Systems Health Monitoring Service Built for Company Growth.

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. Our managed IT services provide you proactive support, planning of your systems, ongoing remote monitoring and management.

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Helping your Company Remain Competitive and Viable in Today's Global Economy

Reduce network down-time, avoid disruption, and let your employees focus on what needs to get done. Minimize efforts and reduce expenditures with WatchDog remote Monitoring and Management.

  • Save Time and Increase Efficiency
  • Receive Proactive Maintenance and Early Detection
  • Gain Essential Insights
  • Minimize Business Disruption

Systems Health Monitoring and Management 

We automatically check on critical systems to make sure things are running as expected on your workstations and servers.

Problem Alerts Icon

Problem Alerts

E-mailed Problem Alerts will let you know right away when performance is not right – memory utilization is high, processor utilization is high, among other performance factors.

Anti-Virus Update Checks Icon

Anti-Virus Update Checks

Anti-Virus Update Checks will alert you if your anti-virus falls behind, and remind you to run an update to keep your system safe. 

SysTray Support Options Icon

SysTray Support Options

SysTray will give you quick access to support from Synergy Networks – open a ticket for an issue, e-mail us, or just get our phone number so you can call us.

Drive Space Checks Icon

Drive Space Checks

Drive Space Checks will let you know when there’s a significant change of free space on your hard drive so it can be addressed and corrected.

Weekly Status Reports Icon

Weekly Status Reports

Daily or Weekly status reports will give you a system health snapshot for all of your computers for the past
day or week.

Remote Support Icon

Remote Support

Remote Support allows you to initiate support from Synergy Networks by allowing your screen to be shared with our technician so we can see what you see and help you most efficiently.

Critical Event Checks Icon

Critical Event Checks

Critical Events Checks will alert you when system log files indicate issues that you might not otherwise be notified of (unless you regularly visit your event logs).

Windows Service Checks Icon

Windows Service Checks

Windows Service Checks will let you know when a critical service stops unexpectedly and will try to restart it before alerting you.

“After my laptop was hacked and I lost many important files and photos, I made the decision to get on-board with WatchDog.  Now, I have peace of mind knowing that I am now protected and my data is safe no matter what happens to my computer.”

“As a small business owner, the costs of IT are overwhelming, especially when something goes wrong.  With WatchDog I have multiple PC’s and laptops monitored at a cost I can afford.  That leaves me with time to focus on other matters and it keeps costs down and avoids computer emergencies.”


1 Amazing Service 2 Great Options

Purchase options are listed below and can be customized as needed. Contact us for a consultation on which options are best for your company systems.

WatchDog Basic
$5/month per workstation  
$20/month per server

  • Anti-virus Update Check 
  • Hacker Check
  • Drive Space Check
  • Remote Support
  • Critical Events Check
  • Windows Service Checks
  • SysTray Support
  • Emailed Problem Alerts
  • Daily or Weekly Status Reports

WatchDog Advanced
$20/month per workstation  
$35/month per server

  • Includes All of the Basic Package plus:
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Managed Cloud Backup
  • Mobile Device Monitoring
  • executive summary reports
  • Web Protection
  • Patch Management
  • currently unavailable for apple machines
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advanced features

Even Better Monitoring

Our Advanced features allow individuals and small businesses access to computer monitoring that was previously available only to large enterprises with large IT budgets.  With even one PC, we can help.

Managed Anti-Virus Icon

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed antivirus uses BitDefender and allows us to remotely detect security alerts, run security screenings and diagnose malware.

Managed Cloud Backup Icon

Managed Cloud Backup

We backup all your software and files to the cloud to ensure your systems are always backed up and your files are always safe.

Mobile Device Monitoring Icon

Mobile Device Monitoring

Mobile device management gives us limited access to tablets and phones when online. We're able to remote lock, set or wipe pass codes, and even wipe devices remotely.

Executive Summary Reports Icon

Executive Summary Reports

Summary Reports include server up-time and health for the period and a workstations overview every month.

Web Protection Icon

Web Protection

Web Protection can be used to log, track and block certain types of activity by site or category.

Patch Management Icon

Patch Management

Patch Management updates MS and Third-Party software so your systems are always up-to-date and secure.